The Gran Canarian heat

The Gran Canarian heat has me sprawled across the stony floor like a starfish. Pores open, chest red from sunburn, Three showers a day is a common occurrence. Deodorant stick runs frighteningly low, Armpits stagnant after a hard day's labour, Teaching the youth of today and tomorrow. Donning long sleeves to look presentable, more business-like,… Continue reading The Gran Canarian heat

Too many teachers spoil the broth

They all filter into the classroom like the condensation on my Coke can. Four of them, all older than me, all wiser than me, all infinitely better at life than me. One sells properties to banks (at least, that's what I gauged from his clumsy L1 expressions) and another wears too much eyeliner. Funny, isn't… Continue reading Too many teachers spoil the broth