Latte lust

How bad is coffee

how bad is it for my bones and brain

does it sharpen or dull

strengthen or weaken

will you make me shake or seize up

blunt my senses

or help them breathe better?

The fact that I take sugar surely shortens my life span

a pollution of the soul

a voluntary poisoning

all in the seeking of sweetness.

My teeth cry out

clamouring for a well deserved respite

from this sickly invasion.

Yet I can’t seem to cease sprinkling this toxic taste bud tingling torture

over all my drinks

and I sometimes wonder

whether I should have never started drinking coffee

as it does me no good.

Cafe de los reyes

Oh coffee cup

Symbol of wealth, fragility,

Can’t get my kicks, can’t start my work,

Until I’ve sipped you, slurped you, talked dirty to you

Oh wonderful crutch

In my palm oh so much

Once a day when the dawn is yawning

And the desks are filling

I’ll dodge the queues

Trek upstairs to abuse

That frothy little mouth of yours.

You’re a white girl’s wet dream

A bolt of electricity

That mini panic attack shooting through me

As idle hands make their way around the city

They stumble onto you

And wrap around like an octopus

A rite of passage for the working youth

That I’ll fill with sugar to claim that boost

Because I can’t stand the taste

Of this drink that has such a place

Such a presence

In society today.